Vertical Storage Systems is commited to providing solutions for our clients that will add value to their business including HIPAA and Sas70 compliancy in our data centers.  Although we have extensive experience in managing data networks our focus is about the needs of our customers and their success.

That success begins with managing budgets in the IT infrastructure.  Those costs can quickly mount up and one small disaster can cost a client hours, days and weeks of lost revenue.  However we have discovered that by managing the disaster recovery process, employees and business owners are prepared for interuptions in business and can quickly return to full functionality by preparing for almost anything.

Our current clients include Law Practices, Dental and Medical facilities and Non-Profit Organizations.  We have taken a process that can be complex and made it simple.  We install the client on your systems, select the data to be backed up and begin your backups.  Need a file restored? Simply log in and restore it or call or email us and we’ll do the work for you.  We do a test restore for you every 120 days to show you that your data is backing up properly.  If you are a local client and your data is destroyeed we can deliver it to your site  within a short amount of time and get your business back on track.

We offer other Cloud services for you to stay ahead of the technology timeline.  We offer Cloud storage and archive services that can reduce your costs of on site storage.  Many companys plan for their active data to be stored off site but neglect to think about their legacy or historical data to be securely stored.